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Alright sorry for the Hiatus, and for starting another Hiatus which will probably end before Thanksgiving. The reasons why is...

1-) School. Okay I know everybody says this but it's true! I take Pre-Ap English 7 so we have to write a story at least once a month, and my english teacher is so annoying, she makes have like three drafts, show editing, and do some crazy editing this! Also I take Pre-Ap Science 7 and in that we have a lab at least once a month, and I have to write a lab report on each one. So my time as a writer is limited.

2-) Another comic. Alright, i know thats not fair but its true. I am currently writing a (can you believe it) a superhero comic, called Rock Man. So that takes up some time too.

3-) Writers block. Lately I haven't been having that many good ideas. I already have most of Deces planned out, i just have to elaborate. My writer's block started when school started (I guess I get good Ideas from going to a stupid school (I went to a really, really bad school last year)).

4-) Procrastination. Alright guys, i havent even begun to procrastinate...

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